What To Bring

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Packing light is crucial when going on a canoe trip.  The majority of the time people pack way too much stuff and never utilize everything that they bring.  Every extra item that it is added to a pack will add additional weight and will seem even more heavy on a long portage.  The list below contains essential items, as well as, some items that will make your canoe trip more comfortable.  These are merely suggestions that we've found over the years to be helpful in the BWCA.

  • Clothes (quick-drying pants, cotton or wool socks, short & long-sleeve shirt, sweatshirt or light jacket), rain gear, gloves and hat, good footwear (hiking or waterproof boots), lightweight shoes/sandals for camp, swimsuit, towel,
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, playing cards, book, flashlight, spare batteries, first aid kit, compass, knife or multi-tool, duct tape, matches, water bottle, and water filter.
  • Fishing rod and reel, fillet board and knife, stringer, tackle (see BWCA Fishing Tackle for suggestions), depth finder, and marker buoys.


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